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Addon DS : NPC 1.10
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Addon DS : NPC 1.10

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Addon DS : NPC brings a totally new possibility for your worlds.
All of us have our favorite MCPE creators and we want their name to be present in our worlds. Earlier we could do this by installing armor stands with the creator’s name tag. With this add-on, this possibility extinguishes a lot. DarkSide studios created the whole DS team NPCs (Non-player Characters) that you can add now with just one click.

How to use addon DS : NPC

The present add-on is very cool and offers a lot of advantages. The NPCs can be summoned either by using spawn eggs or with the help of commands. Below you can see the full list of NPCs which contains all the DS team members: from owner to staff:
  • Custom NPC of Ash
  • Custom NPC of Starlk
  • Custom NPC of Vibrant
  • Custom NPC of Windlight
  • Custom NPC of Hallis
  • Custom NPC of JustAfunnyGuy
  • Custom NPC of Keyyard
  • Custom NPC of KindlyCell
  • Custom NPC of Spyer
  • Custom NPC of Tyngominer
  • Custom NPC of Giltgamer
  • Custom NPC of Th3Emilis

If you chose to summon the NPC by using commands, pick one and type the command with the name of the character. For example: /summon ds:ash or /summon ds:vibrant.
In case you want to kill an NPC, you will be able to do this only by using the Barrier (right click) and /kill @e.
If you want to try on this add-on, be welcome and install it by clicking the button below. Share your impressions with friends and leave feedback.
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