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Addon Ender No Grief 1.10
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Addon Ender No Grief 1.10

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If you remember the Creep No Grief add-on, you must have noticed that the Enderman had a pathological desire to rob blocks. In Addon Ender No Grief, this feature of his was disabled, as well as several side-effects of the “/gamerule mobGriefing false” command.

Features of addon Ender No Grief

  • The Enderman is not able to grab away your precious blocks anymore
  • The Enderman is still able to cause harm
  • The Enderman is still able to teleport
  • mobGriefing gamerule is still available for other mobs
  • The items that the Enderman usually drops are continuing to drop in this addon

Picture proving that Endermans do not suffer from a lust to grab valuable blocks anymore.

If you want to see the new behavior of the Enderman, download Addon Ender No Grief by clicking the button below, leave feedback and tell your friends about it.
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    27 May 2019 06:37
    Does this work with 1.11? I want to disable enderman picking up blocks but I can’t disable mob greifing since that will also prevent sheep eating grass and villagers from harvesting the crops.
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