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Addon The Griefer King  1.10
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Addon The Griefer King 1.10

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If you need to defend your world in a multiplayer attack, Addon The Griefer King will do this for you like no other. He has a lot of abilities and power and is able to destroy any world to pieces. In order to ensure the safety of your own creations, be sure to have back-ups of the world you are going to summon the Griefer King with since this creature knows nothing about delicacy!

How does addon The Griefer King work

The process of summoning will take some time and effort. First of all, you should create and rebuild his tomb. For this, place down a tomb slab. After, you should place several layers on top of it by interaction. Be careful not to mix them up.
The first layer – cobblestone
The second, third and fourth layer – stone bricks
The fifth and the last - obsidian.
To complete the tomb, use a totem of undying. But this is not all. To summon, the Griefer King, this tomb should be struck by lightning. There you are, the tyrant is now free to destroy any world.

The main abilities of the Griefer King are:

  • Health: 500
  • Is able to throw TNT all around
  • Is able to summon five creepers, 2 ghasts and three blazes
  • Is able to throw fire, as well as explosive fireballs
  • Is able to reset his health
  • Is immune to a large number of damages, for example to fire, lava, projectiles, drowning, and suffocation

The only attacks he is sensible to is the void and the melee.
If you want to protect your world by all means and you are impressed by the abilities of this add-on, install it by clicking on the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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