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Addon More Golems 1.10
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Addon More Golems 1.10

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Are you all alone facing the evil monsters in your world? Why not spawn one, or even several strong Golems that are able to faithfully help you in this mission?

Features of addon More Golems

We are all familiar with the powerful and tough Iron Golem. The Golems featured in this add-on have similar qualities, but still have a different appearance and drop other items, depending on their style. Some of them even have a different behavior from the Iron Golem.
  • Magma Golems spawn in Nether and drop blocks of magma once killed. They fight the damage on water and are invincible in front of the fire.
  • Quartz Golems also spawn in Nether and drop nether quartz if killed.
  • Ice Golems can spawn in icy places and drop blocks of ice after their death. Due to the fact that they might melt, they do not like to swim.
  • Wooden Golems, the most interesting and diverse from this list, can be of different kinds, for example the Birch Golem, the Oak Golem or the Oak Golem. They spawn in biomes where trees of their kind grow. When killed, the Wooden Golems drop items that correspond to their kind of wood / tree.

  • Sandstone Golems spawn in desert biomes and drop sandstone if killed.
  • Stone Golems can spawn either underground or inside caves. If they are killed, they drop cobblestones.

Spawn any of the preferred Golems from the list above by using commands or with the help of an egg.
Note: For spawning entities, turn the experimental gameplay first.
If you like the ide of spawning one or several Golems as companions, download the present add-on by cliking the button below, share with your friends and do not forget to leave feedback.
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