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Addon MetalChest 1.17
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Addon MetalChest 1.17

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After informing our website’s subscribers about so many new game versions, we want you to try something different, that is Addon MetalChest. Start using it and stacking many items will never be a problem for you.

How does addon MetalChest work

This addon brings three kinds of easily-craftable new metal chests, namely:
  • Iron Chests. To make such a chest, you will need eight iron ingots and one ordinary chest. Each iron chest has fifty-four slots.
    Addon MetalChest 1.17

  • Golden Chests. The crafting recipe is exactly like the previous chest’s, but instead of iron ingots, you will have to use gold ingots and instead of an ordinary chest, you will need an iron chest. The capacity of such a chest is eighty-one slots.

  • Diamond Chests. These are the biggest and most precious chests. To obtain one, you will need eight diamond ingots and a golden chest. A diamond chest has one hundred and eight slots.

Please note that to be able to use the possibilities offered by this addon, it is not enough to download and install it. You must also make sure you are using Minecraft 1.17 or a later version and enable the Holiday Creator Features toggle.
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