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Addon Terramorph 1.17
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Addon Terramorph 1.17

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We already presented lots of mobs that have the aim to make our Minecraft Bedrock worlds livelier by bringing new and interesting mobs. Some of them were cute and peaceful, while others were really scary and dangerous. Addon Terramorph also brings an entire family of terrifying creatures called Terramorphs.

Features of addon Terramorphs

There are several categories of Terramorphs plus their King and Queen. We will enlist them below:
  • The Parasites: these mobs don’t have too much health, but they are dangerous because they are able to infect (usually animals like sheep, llamas, etc). The infected mobs will gradually turn into a cocoon from which a baby terramorph will exit in time. Parasites can also come out of eggs. We don’t recommend getting to near to them because they may give you nausea. The baby terramorphs grow up quite fast and can transform into any category of adult terramorphs (see descriptions below)
    Addon Terramorph 1.17

  • The Workers. These guys can also infect. They also have the ability to replace any blocks with hives and to dig tunnels. The replaced blocks are breakable.

  • The Warriors. These terramorphs are much stronger and can infect while biting.

  • The Primes. These are guards that protect the Terramorph Queen. They have a lot of power and also bite, making the victim feel really weak.

  • The Tanks. These mobs are very big, but slow. In case one of them bites you, your movements will become as slow as his, and then he can kill you easily.

  • The Elites. Unlike the above-listed terramorphs, these ones have wings and fly. While flying, they can shoot poison. The elites can transform into kings or queens.

  • The Queens. Queens are extremely dangerous. Their distinctive features are that they build hives around themselves and that they fight with other queen terramorphs.

  • The Kings. Kings are able to make the rest of the terramorphs stronger by giving them additional damage attacks, protection, and regeneration effects.

Upon death, terramorphs drop scales and you can use them to craft special armor.

If you want to try this addon, for free, all you have to do is click on the download button, but we must warn you that it works only with Minecraft PE 1.17 or any of the later game versions.
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