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Addon BONY162 Furniture 1.17
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Addon BONY162 Furniture 1.17

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Would you like to make your in-game house cozier and better-looking? We are sure you do, this is why we recommend Addon BONY162 Furniture which in our opinion, is one of the best addons of this kind.

Features of addon BONY162 Furniture

The furniture, decoration items, and other things provided by this addon are not only nice but also functional. And there are lots of them (more than one hundred).
We will describe some of them:
  • Drawers, Kitchen Cabinets, Trash Cans, Refrigerators, and can be used to store things because they have inventory slots.
    Addon BONY162 Furniture 1.17

  • Couches and Chairs. You can sit down and have a rest by clicking on them.

  • TV Sets. You can switch channels by interacting with them.

  • Toasters. You can cook some toast by interacting with them while holding pieces of bread.

  • Plates. You can stack them on top of each other or you can place a chicken on one and eat it like a civilized person.

  • Lamps. You can switch them on and off whenever you want.

  • Boombox. If you want to listen to a nice song, you can turn it on. You can also switch it off if you want.

You can discover all the available items by downloading and installing this addon, but you can also find out more information by watching the video trailer.
To obtain all the available items, you should trade using emeralds with a wandering trader if you are playing in survival mode or look for it in your inventory if you are playing in creative.

More screenshots;

To make sure you can use this addon, install either Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 or one of the later game versions and turn on the experimental features as displayed below.

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Video Trailer of Addon BONY162 Furniture

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