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Addon Poppy Playtime 1.18
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Addon Poppy Playtime 1.18

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If you ever played Poppy Playtime, you probably know that Huggy Wuggy is an evil character from the first chapter of the game. Today you can have this buddy in your Bedrock world by installing Addon Poppy Playtime.

Features of addon Poppy Playtime

Huggy Wuggy is a very interesting character. It spawns naturally. Even if it looks rather sweet at first, don’t be naïve because it is a very hostile mob that can attack in several different ways. It also has a lot of other abilities, for example, it can fit between very tight places, sprint jump, and can heal itself when it gets hurt.
Addon Poppy Playtime 1.18

Huggy Wuggy also has a feature that is similar to the axolotl, that is, it can pretend that it died.

If you are not afraid to meet Huggy Wuggy, you should install Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 or one of the newer game versions, download and install the addon, and enable the experiments as shown in the picture below.

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