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Addon Time Stop 1.16.221
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Addon Time Stop 1.16.221

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Thanks to Addon Time Stop you will have the possibility to test what it’s like to be a Time Master. When everything and everyone stops moving, you will be the only one who is in charge and can change a lot of things to your advantage.

How does addon Time Stop work

Below this article, there are four download buttons. We will describe all of these options.
The first two are the behavior and resource packs for the addon that will allow you to stop time while playing. Before starting to fool around with the time, you will have to craft a very special clock.
Addon Time Stop 1.16.221

When you have the clock, you can interact with it and you will notice the following things happening:
  • Projectiles stopping in the air, at the exact moment they were caught in when activating the clock

  • Explosion processes freezing

  • Fire becoming a simple decoration, not burning anything around

  • Entities not moving at all, regardless of what they were at before interacting with the clock

  • Crops not continuing to grow as long as the clock is active
  • Natural regeneration stopping
  • Any kind of weather changes stopping
  • Time stopping

You can use this magic watch just for fun or you can think about how to use all the changes happening in your world while it is active to get benefits.
After using this clock once, you will get a Time Resume, and activating it will make things work normally again.

The third and fourth download buttons below the article are for a similar addon, but targeting only other players. You can install it if you want to make your friends freeze. They won’t be able to do anything for as long as you want and you can use this time to kill them or do whatever you want to them.

It is up to you to decide which of these addons you want to try first, but we are sure that regardless of your choice, you will have great fun!
Important! To be able to enjoy any of these addons, you have to install one of the newest game versions and enable the Experimental Gameplay toggle.

For more mods and other interesting Bedrock-related articles with free download buttons check our website, and since you are here, don’t miss the article about Minecraft PE 1.18 that was released only several hours ago! Have fun!

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