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Addon Block Buster 1.16.221
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Addon Block Buster 1.16.221

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Imagine having a really impressive speed, seeing in the dark, and breaking all underground blocks just by moving forward. All this is possible with the help of just a single tool. You can learn how to craft it today by installing Addon Block Buster.

How does addon Block Buster work

If you like playing in Survival mode, the tool that you will craft thanks to this addon will give you really special abilities.
Addon Block Buster 1.16.221

After obtaining it, you will have to hold a netherite pickaxe or any other tool but you won’t use it in an ordinary way. You will be able to move really quickly underground and break the blocks in front of you like the strongest worm you can think of. Moreover, you will obtain night vision which is indispensable in this activity.

If you want to try these special abilities, download the addon by clicking on the button below this article, share it with your friends so they can benefit from this option too, and leave feedback.
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