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Addon Griffin Plus 1.16.221
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Addon Griffin Plus 1.16.221

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Officially, a griffin, also known as gryphon represents a very powerful and very intelligent mythological winged creature with the hindquarters of a lion and the forequarters of an eagle, but Addon Griffin Plus’s creator decided to develop more types and bring them to our Bedrock worlds.

How does addon Griffin Plus work

If you want to see these beautiful winged beasts in your gaming world, all you have to do is install this addon. This way, they will spawn in different biomes and with a different spawn rate depending on their breed.
There are three breeds of gryphons and each type has several types and colors.

Available gryphon breeds:

  • Classic Gryphons
  • Hippogriffs
  • Repty Gryphons

Addon Griffin Plus 1.16.221

Classic Gryphons is the most often encountered gryphon breed. They can be found in mountain biomes and, as you can see from the pictures below, they are half eagles and half lions. Classic gryphons can be of six types.

Hippogriffs are not as often met as the classic gryphons. They spawn in grassland biomes and can be of four types, but each of them is half eagle and half horse.

Repty Gryphons is the rarest breed of gryphons, but perhaps this is not a bad thing because they are very aggressive compared to the previous two breeds. You can find them in mountain biomes. There are three types of repty gryphons.

Another new mob brought by this addon is the Rabbit Fish. It lives in the oceans. You can cook and eat it or you can use it as food for the gryphons. This way you will be able to tame them if you are lucky.

If you want to ride a gryphon, taming it is not enough. You will also need a mount that can be crafted as shown below.

To kill a gryphon, the only weapon you can use is an iron sword. Upon death, these beasts drop feathers, meat, and bones. If you want to become the owner of a great gryphon spear, use them all according to the crafting recipe below.

Now, after learning everything about the gryphons developed for this addon and seeing their pictures, we are sure that you want to welcome them into your gaming world as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to hit the download button below the article.
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