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Addon Ultraman Trigger 1.17
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Addon Ultraman Trigger 1.17

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Most kids are crazy about different Japanese superheroes. Ultraman is one of the most popular and today, thanks to Addon Ultraman Trigger you will have the chance to meet him, his brethren and enemies, as well as many items used in the original series.

Features of addon Ultraman Trigger

By installing the addon, you will have the chance to meet the following mobs. You can interact with them and even try to defeat some, but take good care because many of them have very serious attack damage.
  • Multy Type Ultraman Trigger
    Addon Ultraman Trigger 1.17

  • Power Type Ultraman Trigger

  • Sky Type Trigger

  • Ultraman Tiga

  • Ultraman Z

  • Carmila

  • Dargon

  • Hyudram

  • Golba

  • Okagubilla

  • Gazort

  • Gymaira

  • Alien Barossa

  • Desdrago

  • Satandelos

If you are a Ultraman fan, you probably wander if you will have the chance to use the amazing GUTS falcon. Well, of course you will.

In addition to this, you will also find the following hyper keys and here is what they are called and what they look like :
  • GUTS Multy Type Ultraman Trigger

  • GUTS Power Type Ultraman Trigger

  • GUTS Sky Type Trigger

  • GUTS Ultraman Z

  • GUTS Tiga Multi

  • GUTS Gomora

  • GUTS Eleking

  • GUTS Melba

  • GUTS Z Gamma Future

  • GUTS Sevenger

  • GUTS Golza

You will also have the chance to use the following items. They all have a 3D model.
  • The Circle Arm

  • The Power Claw Circle Arm

  • The Sky Arrow Circle Arm

  • The Belialrok

Naturally, you will need good armor too. Here are the available ones:
  • The Multy Type Ultraman Trigger Armor

  • The Power Type Ultraman Trigger Armor

  • The Sky Type Trigger Armor

  • The Ultraman Z Armor

If you want to download and install this addon, click on the button below this article but before doing that, make sure you are using Minecraft PE 1.17.0 or any other later game version.
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