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Addon Lucky Blocks 1.16.201
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Addon Lucky Blocks 1.16.201

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In our Mods section, you can find lots of addons featuring lucky blocks. Our subscribers love them because they can be broken in order to obtain a lot of surprise objects easily. Addon Lucky Blocks is even better because it brings different kinds of suck blocks so the player can choose what category of surprises he/she wants to get.

How to use addon Lucky Blocks

Most of the available lucky blocks require some crafting, but there is nothing difficult in this activity:
  • Ordinary Lucky Block
    Addon Lucky Blocks 1.16.201

  • Lucky Mobs

  • Lucky Structures

  • Lucky PvP (dropping cool weapons to use in PvP games)

There are also three kinds of lucky blocks that can be obtained in other ways. These are:
  • Good luck block. To get it, throw an experience bottle at an ordinary lucky block

  • Unlucky block. To get it, either kill a witch near an ordinary lucky block or wait for lightning to hit it.

  • Withered lucky block. Kill wither skeletons and you will have a twenty percent chance to obtain such a block. This block is special because it drops really strong and unusual weapons.

This addon also brings magic fountains that are fully functional, but to make them work, you will have to drop something inside them.

We must warn you that you can enjoy the surprises dropped by all these lucky blocks only if you enable Experimental Gameplay mode (Holiday Creator Features). This way, you will be able to open these cool boxes in any dimension and in any MCPE world.

If there is something unclear in the description of this addon, we recommend you watch the video below the article to understand how it works.
Please share this article with other Bedrock users so they can have fun and benefit from the lucky blocks too. We would also appreciate it if you could leave feedback and tell us what you think about this addon’s features.
For other free game-related surprises, visit our website. Here you will also find all the game versions and even an article about the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.18! Have fun!

Video of Lucky Blocks

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