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Addon StoneTombs 1.17
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Addon StoneTombs 1.17

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Naturally, no one likes dying, even if we are talking not about real life, but about Minecraft PE. Even so, we can make this event a little less unpleasant by getting our death’s exact coordinates and by keeping the things from our inventories regardless of the circumstances. All this is possible thanks to Addon StoneTombs.

How does addon StoneTombs work

Thanks to this addon, a stone grave is going to generate right in the place of your death and you will get a message revealing the coordinates of the event. Mind that you will be the only one to see them, even if you are playing in Multiplayer mode.
Addon StoneTombs 1.17

The grave will contain all the things from your inventory, but to open it, you will need a key and this key will be available only to you. Even if your death occurs in the lava, you don’t have to worry, because a grave will generate anyway, but it will have cobblestone underneath it so it doesn’t sink.

In case your death happens far away, this is not a reason to worry either, because the exact coordinates will give you the possibility to go there and pick up all your objects.

Before hitting the button below to download the addon and installing it, we recommend you watch the video trailer and make sure you are using one of the newest game versions (at least Minecraft Bedrock 1.17).
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Video Trailer of Addon StoneTombs

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