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Addon Extended Amethyst 1.17
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Addon Extended Amethyst 1.17

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Starting with the release of Minecraft PE 1.17, the game users discovered a beautiful violet-colored kind of quartz called amethyst and a lot of its variants, for example, shards, clusters, and buds. Addon Extended Amethyst brings a lot of crafting recipes where we can use shards.

How to use addon Extended Amethyst

The amethyst shard is the key ingredient in all the recipes offered by this addon.
Addon Extended Amethyst 1.17

To obtain amethyst weapons and tools, you will have to use these items made of diamond and combine them with amethyst shards. Below you can see an example of how to craft an amethyst pickaxe.

The amethyst weapons and tools are less durable than the diamond ones, but instead, they are faster and can be enchanted to make them even better.
Here are the weapons and tools you can create:




In addition to this, the addon creator gives us the possibility to craft a number of absolutely magic amethyst rings.
To get started you will have to craft a ring base as shown below.

When this is done, add an amethyst shard to obtain a simple amethyst ring.

Now it’s time to use the brewing stand and potions augmented by redstone. This way we can get three rings. Their effects will last for a certain time period (depending on the ring type).

Look at the instructions displayed in the pictures above and use any of the following potions to obtain rings with special effects:
  • Strength potion
  • Swiftness potion
  • Turtle potion
  • Slow Falling potion
  • Invisibility potion
  • Healing potion
  • Regeneration potion
  • Water potion
  • Leaping potion
  • Night Vision potion
  • Fire Resistance potion

Now you can use these fantastic rings to become invisible, fire-resistant, to regenerate your health, and in any other way that you want.
To be able to use the described-above addon and benefit from all these crafting recipes, enable Experimental Gameplay.
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