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Addon Survival Craft 1.17
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Addon Survival Craft 1.17

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We already presented a lot of maps and mods featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, but there is always place for more! The creatures brought by Addon Survival Craft are not as grand and fierce as some presented in movies and cartoons. They look more like cute blocky pets and the best thing is that they can be tamed!

Features of addon Survival Craft

This addon brings several really sweet prehistoric mobs and a number of foods and items that can be used for taming them.


  • The Sarchosuchus
    Addon Survival Craft 1.17

  • The Dodo also known as Raphus cucullatus

  • The Triceratops

  • The Piranha

  • The T-Rex

  • The Protoceratops

Foods and items:

  • Buckets with fish used to tame the Sarchosuchus

  • Berries used to tame the Dodo bird

  • Buckets with berries used to tame the Triceratops

  • Trank crossbows used to knock off the Triceratops and the Sarchosuchus

  • Bats used to knock off the Dodo bird

  • Trank arrows

  • Trank stew

  • Boss locator item. You can use it to find out the coordinates where to look for the horrible boss displayed in the third picture below

  • Saddle tables

  • Special saddles

  • Buckets of meat used to tame the T-Rex

To tame one of the mobs, you should knock it out using crossbows, arrows, or bats (depending on the mob’s characteristics) mentioned below and hold down the required food near it.

You will be able to have fun with all these creatures if you click on the download button below and install the addon, but first, you should make sure that you are already using Minecraft PE 1.17 or an even newer Minecraft PE version.
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