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Addon More Body Actions! 1.16.101
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Addon More Body Actions! 1.16.101

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The MCPE players are quite modest in their actions, but thanks to Addon More Body Actions! you can make them sit, lie, crawl, and climb.

How does addon More Body Actions! work

All the actions that are now possible require no commands or any complicated operations.

Available animations:

  • Sitting. To make your player sit, look down while sneaking. Of course, there has to be some ground or blocks underneath, because sitting in the air does not make much sense. When sitting, the first person camera’s position will be lower too. In case you get hit while sitting, you will not get a knockback effect, but if the block below you gets broken, you will fall. A cool thing about this addon is that you can make the player sit even underwater.
    Addon More Body Actions! 1.16.101

  • Lying. To make your player lie, look upwards while sneaking. The rest of this action’s possibilities are similar to the sitting action.

  • Crawling. To make your player crawl, sit down as described above and move forward. The advantage of this animation is that now you can crawl inside tiny holes.

  • Climbing. To make your player climb the ground, crawl as described above and jump (do it simultaneously). To return to the crawling animation, jump repeatedly. Now you can climb through small holes (even smaller than those that can be crawled through), but note that you can climb only on horizontal surfaces.

This addon can be used in survival and as we already mentioned, you do not have to use any commands to make your player perform the above-listed actions. If you like playing in multiplayer, you can use it too.
To try this addon, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.101 or a more recent game version and click on the download button below the article.
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