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Addon Christmas Advent Calendar 1.16
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Addon Christmas Advent Calendar 1.16

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An advent calendar is a special kind of calendar used to count the days until Christmas. Even if this magical holiday is over, discovering the daily surprises provided by this calendar is so awesome, so why not experience this tradition one more time? Moreover, we can do it while savoring a holiday eggnog and some yummy potato salad. All these cozy activities can be done thanks to Addon Christmas Advent Calendar.

Features of addon Christmas Advent Calendar

To start discovering the surprises brought by the advent calendar, we will have to craft a gift box containing it. The picture below displays how this can be done.
Addon Christmas Advent Calendar 1.16

The calendar has twenty-five days, each of them hiding special Christmas surprises. To unlock a day, place the calendar down and “trade with it”.
Among the best surprises you can discover by unlocking calendar days are:
  • Puddings
  • Turkeys
  • Candy Canes
  • Christmas Cakes
  • Dancing Santa Figurines
  • Musical Christmas Trees

Of course, there are many more surprises, but we will let you discover them all individually.
Like we already mentioned, the addon also gives us the possibility to taste two of the best treats specific to Christmas. These are eggnog and potato salad (see crafting recipes below). We must warn you that the eggnog may give you unexpected effects, so drink it carefully.

To enjoy all the above-described Christmas activities, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or a later game version and hit the download button below.
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Video trailer of Addon Christmas Advent Calendar

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