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Addon Mimic 1.16
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Addon Mimic 1.16

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Today, thanks to Addon Mimic, you will discover that chests can be scary and dangerous. Chests that look like custom ones will chase, bite, poison, and even swallow you. These ferocious chests are called Mimics.

Features of addon Mimic

Mimics are actually very dangerous monsters looking like ordinary chests. They are usually waiting for the player (or villagers) to come closer and attack them.

Available Mimic chests:

Simple Mimic Chest: this kind of chest spawns in dark caves in a natural way. The feature that makes these chests differ from ordinary chests is that they do not merge with other ones to create a big one. It has the habit to attack when the player comes near it and its attack causes serious damage and gives a slowness effect. Upon death, the simple mimic can drop iron ingots, gold, emeralds, gunpowder or cobblestones.
Addon Mimic 1.16

Big Mimic: these chests are noticeable larger than the ones described above. Moreover, they have a lot of teeth and their attack damage is more serious. They do not attack only players, but also villagers. They can also bite through different kinds of blocks when chasing its victims The big Mimic spawns in dark caves, just as the previously-described one. Besides serious damage to the players’ or villager’s health, the big Mimic also gives a blindness effect. Upon death, it drops the same things as the simple mimics plus diamonds.

Ender Mimic: as its name suggests, this mimic can be found in the End and it attacks in the same way as the Enderman. Another feature of these chests is that they are resistant to explosions. Upon death, this creepy chest from the End drops Ender and Shulker shells and obsidian.

Barrel Mimic: This very special Mimic is able to move both on land and in the water, and we must mention that it is very fast. It can spawn on beaches in a natural way. When attacking its victims, this mimic, in addition to serious health damage, give a poison effect. Upon death, they drop sea grass and sand. Sometimes, they may drop emeralds.

Golem Mimic: this mimic is identical to the custom golem. Unlike the previously-described mimics, these ones do not spawn naturally. These are definitely the strongest mimics because they won’t bite you: they will swallow you fully. Upon death, they drop bones, iron, diamonds, and emeralds.

If you are playing in Creative, to get all the mimics, either look in your player’s inventory or use command /summon rpg: (wanted mimic), for example command /summon rpg: mimic_barrell.
If you want to meet all these dangerous mimics, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions and click on the behavior and resource pack download buttons.
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