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Minecraft Earth
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Minecraft Earth

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Who doesn’t like surprises and novelties? For all our fans who definitely deserve all the best we have a gift to celebrate the beginning of the autumn. This is a new augmented reality game: Minecraft Earth!

Gameplay of Minecraft Earth

The new game represents a totally new way to enjoy Minecraft! Because AR games are more and more popular lately, the MCPE developers decided to combine this new gaming concept with our favorite Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The game is available for devices newer than Android 7, as well as iOS devices.
Now your Minecraft world will have place not only on your tablet or cell phone but also in your personal universe!

Let us enumerate the features of this fantastic new game:
  • Possibility to build creations and place them in your real environment
  • Chance to play with friends
  • Possibility to use your favorite Marketplace skins
  • Free
  • No geographical restrictions
  • New mobs

  • Chance to collect diverse blocks/items
  • Incredible adventures (randomized contents for you to enjoy every day)
  • Possibility to keep and backup all your builds created in Minecraft Earth
  • Unlimited inventory size
  • An interesting system of leveling
  • Tappables

We are sure you are as excited about the new game as we are! To get a better idea of what it represents, watch the video trailer below, tell all your friends about it and leave feedback.
The download button for Minecraft Earth is already available so enjoy!,
Also check our website and keep entertained by trying the latest MCPE versions, as well as daily mods, maps, texture packs, and skins! Have a wonderful time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Earth

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