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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The MCPE developers worked hard all week so we can spend a nice weekend trying a new game update called Minecraft PE We are sure you will be pleased to discover a lot of useful fixes, as well as a very important new change.
Please note that this is another beta, not a full version so your access to Realms and non-beta players is still impossible. Also make sure to make copies of both the worlds you worked on until this beta if you want to try it, otherwise you can lose them. This might happen because every newly installed beta replaces the previous one.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

In this beta, there is only one change, but a very important one. The change is the re-introduction of the RenderDragon!
And now, let us learn about the fixes the MCPE developers worked on:
  • Resolved a crash happening from time to time during the player’s flight or walking within the MCPE world
  • From now on, you won’t be able to put signs on end rods
  • The error preventing the nether sprouts, warped roots, and crimson roots from generating properly was resolved
  • The error affecting the walls on the Console edition was resolved
  • In case the Show Tags rule is false, you won’t see any tooltip
  • In case the Show Tags rule is false, you won’t see any item lock item
  • The missing item recipes from the crafting window have been reintroduced
  • The bug provoking the armor to get stuck in the hot bar every time the player uses an armor stand was resolved

  • The Creative Item Inventory contains the Book and Quill again
  • The wrong size of the Pause menu profile button was corrected

In addition to the above-listed fixes, the MCPE developers continued their work on the technical side of the game. The most important changes are:
  • The Blocks sync-related bug was fixed
  • Improved the /camerashake option
  • The bug preventing specific items from being introduced in the Creative inventory was resolved
  • The error preventing users from clearing out the request queued with /schedule was resolved
  • Added a /schedule on_area_loaded command
  • Introduced several very useful components: Locked in Inventory, Lock in Slot, Keep on Death, and BlockDisplayNameComponent

  • The Item Icon Component was greatly improved
  • The animations of the mobs that are spawned with custom events were corrected
  • Now there is more support for the on_interact trigger

These are not all the beta’s features but we enlisted the most noticeable ones. To find out more, we suggest you watch the video trailer below before using the download button.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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