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Minecraft PE

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Did you think the downloadable Minecraft PE version was our only Holloween surprise for you? Well, this was just the first part of it, because today you will have the chance to download another beta that is Minecraft Bedrock!
In case you don’t know the rules regarding Minecraft PE beta versions, pay attention to the following things:
  1. This version will replace your Minecraft work in progress, so, if you have any builds, you would better save them.
  2. The builds created in the new beta version cannot be accessed using older versions, so, if you want to keep them, save them.
  3. During your gameplay using the beta versions, Realms and other players using full game versions will not be accessible.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Starting with this version, honey bottles are craftable. For this, you will need empty bottles and honey blocks.
  • Honey bottles will also be stackable
  • The textures of the Honeycombs and of the Honey bottles now look like those from the Java edition of the game.
  • Character Creator will now display skins specific to a particular Platform
  • The “Body Guard” achievement is unlockable now
  • The problem making the player’s skin to load for a too long time was fixed
  • The screen reader remaining enabled after dismissal was fixed
  • The problem making the skin chosen by the user to return to either Alex or Steve’s skin after restarting the game was fixed
  • The player’s avatar in the pause screen is now displayed properly for the split-screen users
  • A crash occurring when the player opens the Character Creator with a chosen custom skin was resolved
  • The bug that was provoking the damage coming from tamed entities to look as if it comes from mounted players was fixed

These are all the changes and fixes offered to us by Minecraft PE To check them for yourself, click the download button below the video trailer, share the good news with your friends and leave feedback.
Keep visiting our website to always know about the latest game versions, new mods, texture packs and other novelties related to your favorite game.
Also, make sure to try the greatest release of this year, which is Minecraft Earth, an AR game that will allow you to take MCPE out of your device!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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