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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE is the new beta version of our favorite game. This time the beta brings many fixes regarding the gameplay, the mobs, the UI, and the commands as well as changes intended for the map makers.
Traditionally, we have to tell you about several important things before starting enlisting the current changes and fixes.
First, note that this version will replace your Minecraft PE work in progress, so you would better back up your builds. Also, save the builds you are going to do in MCPE because you will not be able to open them in any older version of the game.
And one more thing: we are sorry, but you will not be able to interact with Realms and other players using full versions while trying this one.
Now that we are done with the boring but necessary part of the article, let’s learn about the fixes!

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Of course, some fixes had to be done in regards to the game performance and the occurring crashes:
  • A lot of improvement work regarding the animations was carried out
  • The game is not going to crash while writing the execute commands now
  • Even if you use a low-end device, you will hear the Note Block sounds now
  • Leaving the multiplayer mode is safe now. There will be no subsequent crashes.
  • Opening chats is also safe now
  • The performance of the chunk loading was optimized.
  • The problem that sometimes made the worlds corrupted during the play was removed.
  • Buried treasures will not spawn inside villages anymore.
  • Players using Xbox One will not face issues regarding the main menu user interface anymore.
  • In case the user has to modify the safe screen mode, he/she will receive a message prompt.

The developers also worked on some issues regarding the UI, the commands and the graphics:
  • The pause menu had a wrong spacing between the Leave feedback and the Save and Quit that was removed
  • The lock_rider_rotation and the yaw_speed commands work properly now
  • The traditional entities will get a normal death message now.
  • The parrot’s position is all right now.

And of course, the issues related to the mobs are the most obvious ones. This version fixes:
  • The process of harvesting the crops by the farmers (in case the inventory is not completed)
  • Turtles and fish swimming at the very bottom of the sea and drifting downwards.
  • Villagers not hiding very well in case of raids.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the current version also has some new for the map makers, as well as for the addon creators.

Changes to the Pack in Minecraft PE

Beginning with Minecraft PE 1.13, the developers initiated a working process in regards to Pack Manifest. In this version, they developed a brand new format version of 2 and if you want everything to work smoothly, you will have to follow some recommendations on it, but if you are a simple player, don’t worry. These changes are not going to affect your gameplay in any way.
Important! Very many MCPE users talk about the problem regarding the custom skins in this version. Please note that the developers are aware of it and promise to resolve it in the nearest future.
If you are ready to explore Minecraft Bedrock, download it by clicking on the button below, tell your friends about it and leave feedback.
By visiting our website, you can also download older game versions or/and the latest maps, textures, mods, and seeds. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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