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Minecraft PE 1.12.1
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Minecraft PE 1.12.1

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Minecraft PE 1.12.1 is another nice surprise for all our loyal fans. Even if the list of fixes it brings is way shorter than usual, these fixes are meant to make the gameplay more comfortable and to remove the issues that might annoy the players sometimes.
Do not forget that this version will replace your Minecraft work in progress, so make sure to save your builds. Also, pay attention to the fact that the worlds build in Minecraft PE 1.12.1 cannot be accessed through older versions of the game, so, to keep on the safe side, make sure to back up them.

Fixes in Minecraft PE 1.12.1

  • When players intended to load into a game in the End, they sometimes got stuck on the “Generating World” phase. This issue was fixed.
  • The problem of the Switch users occurring when signing in to their Minecraft accounts was fixed.
  • Starting with this version, there will be no Ender Dragon multiple spawning in the End.
  • Other fixed crashes occurring during the gameplay

We suggest you check these fixes for yourself, but until the download button is available, you can visit our website where you can find the latest and most interesting maps, mods, textures, and skins, as well as downloads for all MCPE versions and the release of the year: Minecraft Earth!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.12.1

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    7 September 2019 17:23
    É bellissimo
    8 September 2019 05:20
    Version very good
    10 September 2019 12:25
    Hey how can I download it??
    28 October 2019 02:45
    i love minecraft and love creater and people ho help make mincraft

    minecraft is a wonderful game but hard to get pls make it more easy to get
    12 November 2019 21:24
    I like minecraft and play servers on pc and android
    18 November 2019 16:47
    Kim chaerin 12 dongpyo love
    3 December 2019 20:38
    Niewiem czy to fajna gra

    Niewiem czy to fajna gra
    22 December 2019 12:31
    does this really work and its not fake
    25 December 2019 01:55
    super legal!
    21 March 2020 05:00
    your hack was like nasty spoiled fruit.
    7 June 2020 07:30
    i cant find this on my phone because this website was attackers
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