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Minecraft PE

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If the previous Minecraft Bedrock beta seemed too short and dull, this time the developers decided to impress us with the release of Minecraft PE and its changes, new features, and many, many fixes. Like always, before getting to the fun part, we have to warn you about the fact that you will have no access to Realms and people playing full versions while using this beta. Also, don’t forget to back up the worlds built in MCPE, because you will have no possibility to open them in older versions. If you have a Minecraft game going on at the moment, this beta will replace it, so saving your worlds is a piece of appropriate advice for this case too. And now let’s find out what Minecraft PE brought us: In our opinion, the most exciting part of the beta is the list of novelties meant to make your worlds more interesting than before:

New Features in Minecraft Bedrock

  • New Wither Rose
  • New Suspicious Stew
  • New kind of Mushrooms: brown ones, that are forged by lightning
  • The fact that you can place item frames wherever you want, for example on the ceiling
  • Celebration of a successful Village Raid
  • The game credits that can be seen by choosing a special button in the settings menu or when winning a fight over the Ender Dragon.
  • Abandoned villagers
  • Sounds for the blocks
  • A special addon for the map makers: a light block.
  • Dead Corals
  • New sounds for Note Block
  • A special section that explains how to play regarding the structure blocks.

Fixes in Minecraft PE

Fixes affecting the performance and the gameplay:
  • Now, after you start any word, the game will not freeze
  • The worlds will load faster now
  • Brewing potions will not provoke crashes anymore
  • The calculation of the terrain light was improved
  • Crashes that used to occur only on slow end devices were fixed
  • Picking up blocks while playing on a split-screen will not provoke crashes
  • Inviting a guest to the game will not provoke crashes anymore
  • Switching the File storage can be carried out without fearing any crashes too
  • The Beacon UI items can be double-clicked without this causing a crash
  • The mobs are loading faster in worlds now
  • The achievements saying that you are being attacked and that you have a bad feeling about this can be unlocked
  • The section teaching how to domesticate cats is now readable
  • The message regarding the fact that multiplayer skin is restricted will not bother players anymore
  • If players have a Chorus fruit, they will be able to teleport on transparent blocks.
  • If you kill an Enderman that holds Red sand, it will not drop ordinary sand
  • The players will be able to sneak on shulkers and boats without problems
  • Destroyed tropical fish, salmon, and pufferfish are going to drop XP now
  • The lightning doesn’t strike as often as before now
  • If you want to replace the armor fast, you can do it with the help of the LT controller
  • Now the channeling trident’s lighting destroys more mobs than before
  • The arrows will destroy the armor stands as they should now
  • The flowers placed in pots are now visible, as they should
  • The mobs are dropping armor and tools as they should
  • If you break a Nether wart using a fortune tool, it drops more items than before
  • Drinking potions and milk will now make a proper sound
  • The explosions are now capable of dealing damage in the water (all except the TNT explosions)
  • The dispensers will place the boats in the correct way now
  • The mobs entering carts and boats is normal now
  • The swimming state while getting out of the water is now ok
  • The hoppers will pick items that are above them properly
  • The pillagers will spawn near Pillagers outposts more often
  • Now you can break blocks properly when being in a boat
  • Totally repaired items will not be dropped by mobs anymore
  • The healed zombie villagers will maintain their trade levels
  • The animation of the parrot’s dance is at a correct pace now
  • The grass will grow regardless of the barrier blocks now but will not be able to grow under farmland blocks
  • When you collect leaves using silk touch, they will stack properly
  • The wooden blocks with 6 sides can serve as fuel for the furnace now
  • If you break blocks underwater, they will drop items that make bubbles now.
  • The damaged elytra have a texture of its own now
  • All the cooked items will stack correctly in the inventory
  • Other fixes regarding the inventory.
Of course, the UI, Graphics and Script engine have been subject to fixes too. Here are some of them:
  • The “open chat” message was fixed
  • If your player sleeps while being in creative mode, you will no longer see flight controls.
  • When the game is being suspended and after resumed, the paper doll model will be displayed correctly
  • The shield block animation seen from the third person is correct now
  • The iron bars surrendered by other kinds of bars have the right texture
  • When sleeping in beds, the screen will fade all the way to the black color now
As you see, the list of changes and fixes is much longer this time, and the above-listed ones are not all of them. You will discover a lot more while checking Minecraft Bedrock The download button will be available soon, but meanwhile, you can check our website for the newest mods, texture packs, skins, and seeds. The articles are renewed daily, so you have no chance to get bored until we will be able to supply with a download for this beta. If your friends are also MCPE fans, make sure to share this article with them and leave feedback letting us know about your opinions and suggestions. Good luck!

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