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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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We are very glad that we can bring you positive news this weekend. We are sure you are also happy to have enough time to try the new Minecraft Bedrock Edition!
In this version, the developers made a really great work on fixing diverse bugs and errors that might impede you to have a comfortable gameplay. Before starting to enlist them, let us remind you of a few very important rules regarding the present and other MCPE betas:
1. By entering this beta version of the game, your Minecraft work in progress (if you have one), will be canceled.
2. Any worlds you create in the present beta will not be available for earlier versions, so make sure to back up them.
3. While using the beta, you won’t be able to join Realms, as well as other players who use full versions.
Make sure to follow these rules when playing this and other MCPE betas.

Minecraft PE Fixes:

Crash fixes:
  • A crash occurring when the player moved too quickly a void block was fixed.
  • A crash occurring when the player blocked a projectile using his/her shield was fixed
  • A crash occurring when approaching the world spawn was fixed
  • Several Fixes regarding the performance on Xbox

Gameplay fixes:
  • The problem regarding mobs despawning randomly was fixed.
  • The problem regarding players falling in open shulker boxes was fixed.
  • The problem regarding players falling in open pistons was fixed.
  • Smelted items can be crafted properly now.
  • Smelted items can be stacked properly now.
  • Now you can craft buttons from the recipe book again.

Graphical fixes:
  • The shading of the clouds was corrected.
  • The problem regarding the wrong rendering of the water was fixed.
  • The wrong height of the fire flame was corrected.
  • The problem regarding some blocks that turned black when moved with a piston was fixed.
  • The commands /clone’ and /fill’ now render properly with the glass structures.

Add-on, script engine fixes:
  • The particles showing properly only when viewed in the center of the screen were fixed.
  • The experimental User interface is now registered as a trusting pack.
  • Entity collision problem affecting the maps was fixed.
  • The timer components are now functional on vanilla projectiles.
  • You can hit the ducks in the MINECON pack again.
  • Problem regarding the component must_see_forget_duration was fixed.

Mob fixes:
  • Villagers are able to get into their beds even if the ceiling is low.
  • The “move to village” behavior regarding foxes was removed.
  • Mobs are now able again to get into boats.
  • Mobs are now able again to get into minecarts.
  • Dolphins are jumping properly and are following players in boats now.
  • Zombies do not get stuck inside doors anymore.
  • The animation of the parrot’s dance is at a normal pace now.
  • Another fix regarding the parrots: they are able to fly properly now.

By downloading Minecraft PE, you can convince yourself that the gameplay is more comfortable now thanks to the above-mentioned fixes. In addition, you might discover more fixes regarding the UI, the gameplay and others. Click on the button below the article and enjoy the new beta versions!
For earlier full and beta versions, access our Download Minecraft section of our website. Here you will also find dozens of new mods, maps, texture packs, and other cool MCPE stuff. Have a good time!

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    28 July 2019 15:17
    Very cool! The new Version of mcpe Is preety Nice!
    29 July 2019 20:46
    Where is the button to install it
    30 July 2019 14:21
    How do I download this

    How do I download this
    How do I download it
    4 August 2019 18:56
    How do I download it
    5 August 2019 23:22
    Where to download, i mean button?
    7 August 2019 15:51
    Exelente actualizacion me encanta
    8 August 2019 18:40
    ¿cómo lo descargó?

    ¿cómo lo descargó?
    jorge dominic
    21 August 2019 01:36
    Muy bien para fans
    artis ggggh
    11 February 2020 09:53
    bio woi jombol
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