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Minecraft PE

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We are sure all of the Minecraft PE users want to be up to date with all the game’s full and beta versions. Minecraft PE brings a rather big list of changes and we will reveal all reliable information about them, but first of all, in case you forgot or you are a newcomer note that by entering beta versions, you will close your MCPE work in progress. Also do back up your worlds in this beta, because you will not be able to open them in previous Minecraft versions. And one more thing: unfortunately you will not be able to access any other MCPE players who use full versions of the game, as well as Realms. Now that we are done with the rules, we can feel free to get to the most interesting part of our article: the fixes.

Fixes in Minecraft PE

Fixes regarding the gameplay:
  • Some players noticed that they cannot exit the loading screen while entering a nether portal. The same happened when joining an already existing world. These issues were fixed.
  • The problem regarding leaves gathered using the silk touch that did not stuck together with the rest of the leaves was fixed.
  • Now, if you break a jukebox, it will not continue to play music.
  • The bar displaying the wither health will not disappear anymore during the fight if the player moves away.
  • The wrong crafting recipe for beds was fixed.
  • If you choose to join a Realm using the list of joinable friends, you will be directed to the Realms User Interface.
  • Rather a change than a fix: if your player intends to enter a nether portal while he / she is eating something, he / she is going to be teleported to a random place.
Fixes regarding mobs and blocks:
  • Starting with MCPE, the horizontal wooden blocks will drop relevant blocks
  • Now you can craft TNT using both custom sand and Red sand.
  • The villagers are able to get to their job sites properly.
  • In case the player sneaks, this fact will not scare away foxes anymore and they will not run away.
  • Another fix regarding foxes: the developers decided that they should have the same speed as the foxes in Java.
  • If you try to tempt a fox by holding some food, they will not fall for it anymore.
  • If it crossed your mind to try and breed 2 red foxes in a snowy biome, the result will be a baby red fox too.
  • Foxes will not drown in the water if they decide to catch some fish.
  • Other fixes related to foxes.
Fixes regarding the user interface and script engine:
  • If you add any entity that can be ridden, it will display a proper hint regarding the action.
  • Now you will be able to see if a ticking area is loaded or not.
  • A very unpleasant issue displaying overlapped “sign in” messages has been fixed
  • The double download progress bar has been fixed.
Other fixes:
  • The issue related to the movement of the arm in Oculus Rift immersive mode has been fixed.
  • TTS related issues have been fixed
  • Players traveling through portals will not see instructions for this action every time.
  • The wrong spacing for several newly added buttons was fixed.
  • The position of certain items when held in the player’s hand was corrected.
  • Some marketplace skins that looked weird while holding a certain item were been subject to fixes.
  • The position sword (zombie pigman’s one) was corrected.
  • The position of the elytra of some skins has been fixed.
  • Losing items while trying to load item stacks on the cartography table will not be a problem anymore.
These are the main fixes representing Minecraft Bedrock Certainly, they will make your gameplay more comfortable, so we advise you to download this beta and convince yourself of this fact. For this, all you have to do is press the button below the article but please, do not forget about the rules listed at the beginning. In case you need/want to learn more about other MCPE versions and/or download them, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest and coolest maps, mods, texture packs, and skins. Have fun!

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