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Minecraft PE

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Starting the summer with a new beta of Minecraft Bedrock is always a good idea! This time the developers made a lot of fixes again to make the game better and to resolve the issues noticed by them and the most loyal players.
Before we start describing the fixes in MCPE, let us remind you of several important features of all Minecraft beta versions.
First, you must be aware that you cannot join any players using full versions and Realms while using the present beta and second, note that the worlds developed by you in this version cannot be accessed in previous versions, so it would be a good idea to backup them if you want to preserve your progress.
Now it’s time to get to the fixes.
The developers made a great work this time, some of the fixes being made only for the map makers and addon creators. But today we will talk about fixes influencing the gameplay of the players. Let’s get going!

Fixes in MCPE

First, let’s see the fixes affecting the game performance and the crush fixes:
  • Of course, we traditionally have fixes related to the crushes that might interfere during the game.
  • Crash occurring sometimes when loading or saving was fixed (on Switch).
  • Crash occurring from time to time when loading certain content from the marketplace was fixed.
  • Crash that occurred when players break a bell has been resolved.
  • The problem related to entering the game from Xbox Live has been resolved.
  • A serious issue made causing the game to stop working at a certain moment was fixed.
  • The job sites and the villages, in general, have been subject to improvement work.
  • Crashes related to the loading in and change of skins have been fixed
  • Improvement work done regarding to the mob AI pathfinding.

Gameplay and graphical fixes:
  • The problem impeding Minecraft players from breeding animals using hay bales was resolved.
  • Now, in case the player dies, he/she will re-spawn at the proper spawning spot.
  • Minecraft players can now calmly re-spawn without leaving and starting the game again.
  • Cats that used to be tamed ocelots once had a graphical problem when sitting and it was resolved.
  • The enchanted bows and the enchanted armor have a shimmering effect now.

Fixes of addons, script engine, and UI:
  • The issue impeding ordinary blocks from being registered normally was resolved.
  • The problem related to the fact that ordinary items and blocks did not demand the namespace for certain slash commands has been resolved.
  • Bug affecting the controller when searching something in the marketplace was removed.
  • When players move the cursor to any slot outside the recipe book, this will not cause the clearing of the crafting grid anymore.

Other fixes:
  • This being more of an improvement than a fix, but Iron Golems now have a swaying manner of walking.
  • The pack items are displayed properly in the marketplace now.
  • When hovered over, sale items from the marketplace will no longer modify their size.
  • The issue preventing players from seeing the sale items discount percentage in the marketplace was resolved.
  • If already seen, any of the marketplace collections will not display the “New” sign further.
  • Improvement work related to the patch notes was carried out. Now, in case you update them, you will see them correctly.
  • After restarting the game, the existent skins will load properly now.

Besides the above-mentioned fixes and changes, the developers worked hard on resolving issues related to the game invites, since many of them were detected previously.
If you are ready to check out all the fixes in Minecraft Bedrock, click on the button below to download it, but first we recommend you to watch the video trailer below the article for a clearer image of the present beta.
For all the previous Minecraft PE versions, check our website. Here you will also find the newest and most interesting maps, mods, texture packs, and skins. Have a good time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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