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Minecraft PE

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We are sure you want to find out about the fixes provided in MCPE as soon as possible, but we recommend you to read the must-know details before that.
So, perhaps you are an experienced player and already know these things, but it is our duty to warn you that this is a beta version and this means that while trying it, you will have no access to Realms and other players who use full Minecraft versions. Also, note that anything carried out in the present beta will not open in previous versions of the game, so you would better back up your worlds if you want to keep them. Please consider that beta versions are a testing means compared to the full versions, therefore some of the builds might be unstable.
Now it is time to get to the fixes. You will notice that the developers made a really great work. They even have some fixes for the addon creators and the map makers, but today we will talk about those that influence the gameplay. So, dear friends, let’s get started!

Fixes in MCPE

Fixes related to the performance of the game and crash fixes:
  • A crash that sometimes occurred while looking for content that has been downloaded before was fixed.
  • The new villages have been subject to more fixes and improvement work.
  • The memory needed for downloading textures was minimized a little.
  • An unfortunate crash occurring when loading Minecraft was fixed
  • A global resource crash affecting Android was fixed
  • The crash occurring when throwing either an egg or a snowball was fixed.
  • The performance of the loading chunk was improved.
  • A bug interfering when some mobs make splashing particles while going in the water was fixed.
  • The performance of the block occlusion was also improved.

General and gameplay fixes:
  • Ordinary skins can be applied properly now and you will not have to restart the game in order to see them.
  • Some item names that had the word “tile” in front have been modified. Now you will see them without this word before them.
  • The third-party servers will not have the “Invite to game” button turned on.
  • Work has been done on roaming skins. Now they will apply properly if you reload the game.
  • Even if you starve yourself, the Iron Belly achievement will be possible to get.
  • Now you can craft acacia planks correctly.
  • The paper doll imitating the player will now move normally in case it is glided with Elytra.
  • When the player has trade with a villager done and when he/she uses the controller, he/she will get items consistently.
  • When using the pickblock on the sweet berry bushes, the player will get berries, not bushes.
  • If fireworks are started using the /setitem or the /give commands, they will boost Elytra flight properly.
  • Consuming bone meal on the grass now happens correctly
  • You may craft painting using dyed wood now!
  • You can smelt Cacti blocks in green color. The growth level of cacti has no importance here.
  • In case the Wandering Trader dies, his llama is going to drop its leads.
  • The problem with the missing item buttons in the “how to play” department on Switch have been fixed.

Graphical fixes
  • The texture of the banner of the Illager Captain has been improved.
  • Fire particles will not generate on empty mob spawning blocks anymore
  • An insignificant mistake related to the Bell texture UV has been resolved.
  • If an entity that can be ridden is killed, its rider will not respawn, in case they are killed simultaneously.

Fixes related to mobs:
  • While sleeping, the villagers and the cats will have normal head positions
  • Domesticated cats now sit properly, without sliding.
  • The villagers that have no professions will have a normal schedule.
  • While flying, the parrot’s legs will align normally.
  • The models of the creepers on some of the marketplace maps have been fixed.

You will discover more fixes besides the listed above ones by downloading MCPE You can do it by clicking on the button below the article. Do not forget to share the great news with your Minecraft friends and to leave feedback.
If you want to be up to date with the latest Minecraft PE versions, visit our website. In addition, you will find a lot of new and interesting maps, mods, texture packs and much more Minecraft related cool stuff! Have a good time!

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