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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE is already here, available for downloading and providing a pretty long list of fixes aimed at making the MCPE playing experience more comfortable.
We will talk about the carried out changes and fixes a little later but first, it is our duty to prevent you about several aspects:
  1. You won’t be able to access either Realms nor players using non-beta Minecraft versions while using the present beta.
  2. All the game activities carried out by the player in the present version will not be available on older versions. We recommend you to backup all your worlds.
  3. Version can be used only on Android, Xbox and Windows 10 devices.
Now that we are ready for the most interesting part, let’s start!

Changes in Minecraft PE

  • The default panorama of the main menu was replaced. Now, instead of seeing an Aquatic theme, you will see Village and Pillage
  • The sounds made by mobs during raids have been increased in volume and intensity. This was made in order to make their detecting easier.
  • Some changes made for map and addon creators

Traditionally, the developers worked on a lot of fixes in this version. Let us check them out:

Fixes in Minecraft PE

General fixes:
  • Crash arising on dedicated servers has been resolved.
  • Crash occurring during the creation of a new template world has been fixed.
  • Crash affecting the Switch players (when players suspended and resumed the game) has been fixed
  • An occasional crash occurring while going through different user interface screens has been fixed
  • A lag happening when frosted ice is about to melt has been fixed
  • Comparators that presented issues in relation with their switching on and off have been fixed
  • The problem regarding the wrong spawning spot in the Mario Mash-up pack has been fixed
  • The sand trade has been withdrawn from the Wandering Trader.
  • The cost of the diamond hoe has been modified on the tool smith.
  • The resource packs used to present problems after downloading them through either the world or the global settings. Now they are applied properly.
  • Skins that used to load incorrectly between different devices have been fixed.
  • The achievement menu displays not only the players who earned them but also the date of certain achievements.

Gameplay fixes in Minecraft PE
  • Players who change from a swimming state to standing in the water state no longer clip through blocks.
  • When getting stuck under falling gravel or sand, players get damage now.
  • If combining 2 damaged tools on the crafting table, the obtained will have proper durability.

Fixes regarding mobs
  • If facing obstacles, spiders will still path-find properly now
  • The animation of the polar bear’s head has been tweaked.
  • In case the player heals a zombie villager, he will obtain the achievement of the “zombie doctor”.
  • If his Village gets destroyed, the Iron Golems will not run to the center of the world anymore.

Fixes regarding the user interface
  • A Xbox problem making it impossible to navigate the menus after entering through a Microsoft account has been fixed.
  • The book icon from the user interface of the Crafting Table doesn’t overlap the runic inscription anymore.
  • The button meant for wheel turning is displayed only in the VR settings now.
  • Returning to the settings screen or to the play screen selects the earlier selected tag properly, after enabling the “text-to-speech” feature

Graphical fixes
  • The glass texture of maps locked on the Cartography Table maps has been fixed.
  • The sides of the redstone stairs having an incorrect texture have been fixed.
  • The tinted spawn eggs now have a right position and size in the item frames.

Fixes regarding commands in Minecraft PE
  • Many players noticed that some command blocks do not succeed to execute commands from time to time. This issue has been fixed.

As you can see, Minecraft PE brought us a list of really useful and timely fixes. To check them up for yourself, download Minecraft PE by clicking on the button below, tell your friends and leave feedback.
If you want/need to explore other MCPE versions, feel welcome to visit our website.
Here you will also be able to find the latest maps, mods, texture packs and other interesting Minecraft related stuff! Have a good time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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