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Minecraft PE

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Not a very long time ago, the Minecraft PE developers reached a new level by releasing a very rich game version, full of fixes, changes, and addons. Now, when the time has come to develop a new beta, they made a great job by fixing a whole lot of existing bugs and issues related to diverse areas of the game! Why don’t you check it for yourself? Welcome Minecraft PE!
Before getting to the cherry on the top, that is the beta’s changes and fixes we must traditionally warn you about some points:
First, by installing the present beta, it will replace your existing game. Second, all the progress made in will not be available for older MCPE versions, so we recommend you to back up your worlds in order to avoid losing them for good. And the third is that while being in the beta version (or any other beta), you cannot join players using full versions of the game. This is available for Realms as well.
Now we are ready to reveal all the new Minecraft PE’s secrets and find out what it has to offer!

Changes in Minecraft PE

  • In the main menu of the game, the button we used to know as “Store” is now called “Marketplace”

Other changes are related only to the work of the addon creators.
This is all about changes in beta Now, let’s get to the list of fixes, which is quite impressive:

Fixes in Minecraft PE

Performance and crash fixes:
  • Like always, crashes occurring during the gameplay have been resolved.
  • A crash occurring from time to time while loading some marketplace worlds have been fixed.
  • Village jobs, as well as the villages themselves, have been subject to improvement.

Gameplay fixes:
  • When certain demands are met, the Haggler achievement gets unlocked now
  • Villagers are able to take items from slot 2 while trading in a proper way now
  • Tridents and armor are visible now, even when held.
  • After getting off a boat and clipping into blocks, the players will not be capable of seeing through the world anymore.
  • The models of the player will not suffer from flipped limbs anymore.

Fixes regarding mobs:
  • Tuxedo cats that were tamed are using the right texture.
  • The stray cats will not require beds in the village in case the world is switched from 1.10.
  • If you use template worlds, the villagers will spawn as V1.
  • Witches will not jump during their attacks anymore.
  • Some skin packs having geometry problems have been fixed.
  • The model of the ghast spinning in monster spawners has a normal size.
  • Better pathing for mobs of different sizes
  • The Vindicators, as well as the Zombies will be more agile at breaking doors than before.
  • The Wandering Trader’s coral, podzol trades have been fixed.
  • Fletchers do not trade only five arrows starting with this beta. They trade sixteen of them.
  • The cooked rabbit from the butcher trade costs differently now.
  • The leatherworker’s saddle trade is of 6 emeralds now.

Fixes regarding items and blocks:
  • In the recipe book, wool colors are shown as a needed matter for banner crafting.
  • Some of the items that were becoming less durable when used have been fixed
  • The flowing lava, having been hit by water, turns to cobblestone.
  • Frosted ice blocks are breakable now.
  • With the help of axes, players can turn logs into stripped logs.
  • The rails can switch directions at the T-junction points if they are powered by redstone.
  • The armor stand fulfills its functions now.

Graphical fixes:
  • A graphical shortcoming regarding the player’s hand after eating has been fixed
  • Particles now generate in the right place during the composter growth
  • An issue regarding the animations of flowing lava in some of the textures has been resolved.
  • An issue regarding the animations of water in some of the textures has been resolved
  • The bamboo leaves look like those from the java edition now. They are also lighter than before.
  • Grey textures appearing from time to time on doors have been resolved.
  • Grey textures appearing from time to time on trapdoors have been resolved

Other fixes:
  • A problem causing an advancement to stay unlocked in case the last item from a stack is removed has been fixed.
  • Even if you kill the Wandering trader’s companion, the llama, you won’t see his inventory.
  • Sweet berries disappearing on the hot bar when highlighted have been fixed.
  • The “tile” prefix has been deleted from the “/give” command
  • There is no need to use “/” in front of commands carried out on command blocks
  • The descriptions in the Block Event are correct now.
  • “minecraft:entity_use_item” documentation appears properly now.

Following the above-described list of fixes, you can see that there is a lot to check and explore in Minecraft PE, so download it by clicking the button below, share with friends and leave feedback.
If you need or are just curious about other MCPE versions, you can download them from our website.
To make your experience even better, you will find dozens of new and interesting mods, maps, texture packs and much more. Have a good time!

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