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Minecraft Aquatic Update
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Minecraft Aquatic Update

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Bedrock Edition received Aquatic Update divided in two parts, called Phases. The first phase, which was released on 16 of May 2018, brought to Minecraft PE the most part of features of this update. The rest of the content was received by players on 10 of July 2018. You will be able to find the list of all the novelties below. The Aquatic Update was also brought for Java Edition of Minecraft, Console and Education Editions. The name for this update was invented on MINECON Earth on Live Stream, held on 18 of November 2017. The idea of diversifying of Minecraft Underwater Life was proposed by Jeb in far 2011. He was sure that sea life will bring much more realism for Minecraft. Nowadays, this idea had become reality, so we can make sure in Jeb’s words with ourselves.
Download Minecraft Aquatic Update (Bedrock Edition)

Update Aquatic in Minecraft PE

So, let’s check the list of new things which were added during First and Second Phases of this Global update!
  • First of all, all the types of wood received an ability to be recrafted into trapdoors, buttons and plates.
  • To make sea-world more realistic, lots of new types of coral blocks were added. Among them, five types of corals and five of coral fans, five types of dead coral fans, ten types of simple coral blocks.
  • Kelp and dried kelp blocks.
  • Sea grass and pickles.
  • Eggs of sea-turtles.
  • Conduit.

  • Scute which will drop from young turtles, who grew up into adult ones.
  • Dried Kelp which you will be able to eat to restore health points.
  • Shells of Turtle and Nautilus.

Download Minecraft Aquatic Update (Bedrock Edition)

New potions brought an ability to get new effects, such as Slow Falling and Conduit Power.
4 new enchantments are available:
  • Loyalty, which will bring player an ability to make Trident get back after throwing, as if it was Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer.
  • Impaling, which will make your hits 2.5 times stronger when you hit aquatic mobs.
  • Riptide, which will launch player after thrown Trident.
  • Channeling, which will summon lightning strike at each mob, hit with thrown Trident.

New mobs have also come to Minecraft with this update!
  • Phantom, which will appear near your house after 3 sleepless nights.
  • Dolphins, turtles and drowned, which will likely spawn at the sea, so you will have to swim a bit to meet them up!
  • Lots of new species of fish.

Download Minecraft Aquatic Update (Bedrock Edition)

Lots of new structures will spawn in the world of Minecraft.
  • Shipwrecks of pirate ships with treasures! You will be able to find them on the bottom of the oceans and sometimes on the beaches and near rivers.
  • Icebergs, generated in new biomes of ocean.
  • Coral reefs, where lots of species of new fishes will live.
  • Ruins of destroyed cities on the bottom.
  • Caves under water.

New update also brought new biomes, such as warm and cold versions of ocean. New abilities for placing water blocks on the surface of stairs and slabs, 3 underwater music pieces and lots of sounds.
Aquatic Update had also changed old mechanics of Minecraft. For example, when magma block is being placed or spawned on the bottom of the ocean it causes appearing of bubble columns up to the surface of the water. If you will accidentally drop your boat, swimming somewhere, you won’t have to dive to get it from the bottom, because items will now float on the surface. Many other things you’ll be able to find and test with yourself!
Download Minecraft Aquatic Update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and enjoy playing! Don’t forget to check for availability of new Maps, Texture Packs and Skins on the other sections of website and leave your feedback!

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