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Minecraft PE

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Necessary to read! Things you have to know before you’ll take part in beta-testing of Minecraft PE
  • If you will take part testing, you will have no access to non-beta servers, so if you would like to join your favorite one, you’ll have to finish testing.
  • Minecraft Beta is only available for Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One users.
  • Don’t forget to backup your Minecraft Worlds before entering testing. Otherwise, you may lose them.
  • Release version will probably differ from the beta one, some changes may be moved to the next game version.

Download Minecraft for Android apk - beta version

Download Minecraft for Android apk - beta version

Changes in Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Some crushes of Minecraft were fixed.
  • Bodies of different entities won’t disappear in Minecraft for Android users.
  • Skins with invisible textures and unusual geometry won’t bring any advantages in on-line.
  • Zombie and Skeleton Horses won’t die after definite time.
  • When player uses boat, minimap now shows the correct course.
  • Ender Dragon won’t disregard ground being outside the Ender World.
  • Thrown or broken blocks no longer have reiterative movements.
  • Minecarts won’t jam in blocks and don’t shake on direct railways anymore.
  • Flying mobs won’t rise upstairs after death with this update.
  • If you mark lots of entities on scoreboard, all of them will be combined into the command.

Download Minecraft for Android apk - beta version from our website, call your friends, take part in beta-testing, discover all of possible innovations of future versions and get back to leave feedback! You will also be able to find new Mods, Maps and Skins for Minecraft 1.7.0 after its release, so register to be abreast of news!

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