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We are proud to present you a fresh Beta version of your favorite game: Minecraft! This time the changes and updates are not as numerous as before, but they will still make your game play more comfortable and enjoyable.
We will talk about the fixes and changes further on, but first, let us remind you of some important things.
• While trying on the present beta version of the game, you will not have any access to the players who use non-beta versions and to Realms.
• Do not forget to back up your worlds, because as you know, Beta versions might be quite insecure in regards to their builds.
• In order to maintain the security of your game, the finished release might miss to include all the changes. If this happens, they will be transferred to a further release.

Fixes in beta version of Minecraft

General fixes:
• A bug occurring in regards to the Switch that did not let the game work further after the player either runs a command or types something in the chat was fixed.
• During the game play, the players are now able to try on the Mario skin from an extended list of skins.
• The Skin Picker does not have to limit himself to the poor number of his owned skins. He had only 15 skins available previously.
• The controls of the remapping process on Switch now toggle properly in the Settings bar.
• The Text-to-Speech is now working more steadily on Switch
• The Text-to-Speech is now able to read the modal pop-ups in a proper way.
• In this beta version, the players will not receive messages related to the internet connection when they are offline on Switch and try to view their selection of skins.
Crash fixes:
• A scripting crash occurring while the player tries to access the health component of any item that does not have one (leads, boats and others) has been fixed.
• A crash occurring if a split-screen player tries to join a current world while a primary player wants to exit has been fixed.
• A crash occurring during the Bad Omen inflicting a player has been fixed.
Gameplay fixes:
• The TNT now has the ability to knock back the players who are healing.
• Players no longer have to hold an item in order to interact with the grindstone.
Blocks and Mob fixes:
• The sea grass does not have the ability to delete the blocks on top of it in its growth process.
• In the Icy biomes, the mobs spawn correctly now.

Other fixes:
• In case a value of some block is not included, the usage of command /clear does not show error.
• Texture “trip wire” was recovered.
• The color of the note particles correspond to the noteblock pitch in Minecraft

Now that you know all the details of the beta, it is time to download and enjoy it with your friends. Please leave feedback to stimulate our further work for our subscribers.
If you are curious or need any of the earlier versions of Minecraft PE, you can find them on our website. By exploring further, you will also have the chance to download dozens of the newest and most interesting maps, mods, textures and other MCPE novelties.

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