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First of all, before installing Minecraft, we must remind you to back up your worlds and save your maps. Since this is a beta version of the game, this stage is very important if you do not want to lose everything you already have. Now when you are ready, we can start telling you about all the novelties the present version has for us.
Because quite a lot of bugs and errors have been detected in the previous versions of the game, Minecraft is focused more on fixes and updates. Read the information below to find out all about them.

Fixes in Minecraft Pocket Edition

All the below listed crashed have been fixed and will not impede your gaming process anymore.
  • Since there were substantial issues regarding the inventories of the players, the creators made a great job to improve the performance of this topic. Anyway, they are continuing to work on it, so really soon things are going to be even better.
  • The crash occurring while the player uses the crafting table in the creative mode.
  • The crash occurring if some mobs touch the bell blocks.
  • The crash occurring during the spawning of the MINECON addon pack’s Vile Spider.
  • In case Panda bears sneeze, the game is not going to crash anymore.
  • A bug that used to make the game stop working after pressing save and quit.
  • Crash occurring occasionally on the Server dedicated to Bedrock.
  • Crash occurring if a player wants to view his / her own skin packs.
  • Crash occurring when trying to switch the text to speech and there is an unknown symbol detected.

Besides these crash fixes, the general performance of the game was improved and you are going to see it yourself as soon as you download Minecraft
General fixes:
  • Now the only way to enable the text to speech option is when it is focused on the Minecraft gameplay.
  • In case you use many marks of punctuation, the text-to-speech is not going to stop working anymore.
  • The “Allow Game to speak to me” option already works properly on Xbox.
  • Pop-ups linked to the text-to-speech option have been modified.
  • The text-to-speech feature shows the dialog boxes related to the generation of the worlds in a proper way now.
  • The text-to-speech option will be enabled automatically only in case of choosing the English language.
  • The text-to-speech touching option is going to work as follows: one tap for focusing , two taps for pressing.
  • Bug regarding the narrator repeating a world name twice has been fixed.
  • If you ever faced the issue of your world getting lost from the world list, you can relax since it has been fixed.
  • When your player is in the end Dimension, the game will no longer freeze at the Generating world stage.

Fixes in the gameplay process:
  • The Boss Bar will not disappear anymore and you will have the possibility to obtain the Hero of the Village title even if you exit your game and then return back to it.
  • Raids will not stop spawning waves in case the player flies.

Fixes for mobs, blocks and items:
  • Now the skeleton horses that are spawned from any older version of the game are rideable again.
  • The distance constraints regarding the spawning of phantoms have been removed.
  • The outskirts of the villages can now be easily accessed by the locals, without them creating problems due to the fact that it seems way too far for them.
  • The leveled up spawned villagers can begin with their chosen profession and this thing will remain the same in case they have to move to a new village.
  • The End Portal blocks do not drop any items anymore.
  • The crafted items are going to pile up properly with the existing stacks from the inventory.

Other fixes:
  • The on-screen animations are not going to play for all the existing effects produced by the mobs.
  • Clouds are now entirely fluffy.
  • Rating buttons for the server consumables show the text “Rate this pack” now, not the “purchase” button.
  • Now you can still get and use spawning eggs for custom zombies and villagers in the content of the Marketplace that used them.
  • Component refs for the newly spawned villagers have been added.

Now that you know about all the fixes and updates of this version, it is time to install it and check everything up by yourself. Now your gameplay will be even more comfortable. Hurry to share the good news with your friends and do not hesitate to leave feedback.
By visiting our website, you can download and read a lot of information about the earlier Minecraft PE versions. Beside this, you have the chance to choose from dozens of the latest and most interesting mods, maps, skins and texture packs. Have a great time!

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