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Minecraft is not so filled as the release version, but all the bug fixes from this version are really important for all the players, because all of them make your game better, more optimized and comfortable! There’s no time to waste, so let’s begin!

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The only change we have in this version if changed Smithing table textures. The rest of the updates are fixes, so let’s check the list!
Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta version

  • Minecraft won’t get crashed if the player will spawn not far from Villager.
  • Incorrect generation of Hills in Birch forests was fixed.
  • Entities which were named by the player won’t cause troubles with scoreboards anymore.
  • Some fixes and new tweaks in Scripting Documentation.
  • Terrains near Villages will spawn correctly, so you won’t find any floating pieces of ground.
  • Dirt Blocks won’t be spawned inside different Village structures anymore.
  • Minecraft won’t crash during launching.
  • Problem with invisible Ender Dragon was fixed.
  • Your high-quality texture packs will change the lecterns too.
  • Spawning eggs with a changed name will correctly work if you use them in dispensers.
  • Pillager Spawning egg won’t lose the texture being placed into the frame.
  • Player can’t be respawned holding his shield in his hand.
  • If your shield will block any damage it’ll shake a bit.
  • Third person view will show you correct raising and lowering shields.
  • Players with shield and crossbow will be animated properly.
  • Your Minecraft won’t get crashed if you’ll spawn inside the custom entities.
  • Enderman will get changed sight during the attack.
  • Crashes caused by different problems with texture packs were fixed.
  • When you’ll spawn different mobs using spawning eggs you won’t see any sudden changes from baby to the adult size of the mob and back to baby size.
  • Bug with spawning 2 baby mobs after duplication.
  • Problems with incorrect textures of Wandering Trader’s Llama were fixed.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta version and call friends to check all the novelties. Enjoy and look for more interesting Maps , Skins, Seeds and Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.9+ by these links. Have fun and leave feedback.

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    When do we get the update
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    Minecraft is the best game
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