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Minecraft PE 1.5.0
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Minecraft PE 1.5.0

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Minecraft PE 1.5.0 it`s a new, saturated and even more interesting version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. A huge number of changes and additions palpably improved the game.

Changes in Minecraft PE 1.5.0

  • The surface of the blue ice became more slippery.
  • Updated coral textures.
  • The management of the boat became more convenient.
  • New background of the main menu.
  • Skeletons and some other hostile mobs can now move along the bottom.
  • Skeleton horses can also move along the bottom.
  • Structure Blocks are full functional.
  • Many updates of tridents.
  • Сhanged textures of some food.
  • Changed of inhabitants of the ocean (in particular, dolphins, if you will feed the dolphins, they will lead you to the treasures).

  • And other less significant changes in game.

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    Additions in MCPE

    • Added turtle.
    • Added turtle shells.
    • Added several achievements
      (Feed the dolphin - "Echolocation".
      Set in one block four sea cucumbers - "One Pickle".
      Use the new magic "Tyagun" - "Do a Barrel Roll!".
      Energize the oceanic conductor - "Moskstraumen".)
      New potion - "Potion of Turtle Power";
    • Drowned go ashore only at night

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      14 February 2019 03:09
      Minecraft is good

      Mantab jiwa minecraft ini
      Pos k está bien el juego solo se tr
      16 February 2019 18:55
      Leonardo Josue
      20 February 2019 04:58
      :3 im doing this becausebof peer preshure adlnd its too expensive for me
      alrey o. valle
      24 February 2019 03:49
      downlaod minecraft pe
      23 April 2019 08:44
      Hajzjnjn Iqakz Akka Laona aiaija
      17 May 2019 05:15
      Waw Minecraft ye yang kusukai :V
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