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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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In Minecraft PE lots of annoying bugs are fixed, animations became stable and Minecraft Bedrock Edition won’t crash after simple doings from the user! Hurry up and check all the fixes with yourself!
Minecraft Beta Rules! Necessary to read before entering beta testing!
  • Not all the features of beta version will be released in the new version because of different reasons.
  • Participants of beta testing can’t join friends on standard severs of the game.
  • don’t forget to save worlds before participating, beta builds are quite unstable and may crash all your saves.
  • Beta testing is only available on the next platforms: Win 10, Xbox One and Android.

Fixes in Minecraft PE

  • Minecraft won’t crash after the item drop anymore.
  • Ocelots’ tails are no longer bugged and won’t disappear.
  • Chicken wings will no longer lose the animations.
  • Skeletons now have stable animations of walking.
  • Guardians’ animations and textures now work correctly.
  • Player can collect bamboo as an item after breaking the block of bamboo.
  • Salmons will no longer lose their tails.
  • Crashes because of different reasons won’t bother and annoy you anymore.
  • Several bugs in Multiplayer are fixed, so your enemies won’t disappear and your game client won’t crash.

Download Minecraft pocket edition for Android - beta version

Download Minecraft pocket edition for Android - beta version

You’ll be able to see all these and even more fixes with yourself! All you need is to Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - beta version by the link below! Don’t forget that the new release version is coming, so you’ll be able to find new great Texture Packs, Mods, Seeds, Skins and Maps for the new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition on our website! Download great adds for your favorite game for free and leave your feedback! Share all the adds with friends and have fun together!

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