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Minecraft PE 1.19.30
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Minecraft PE 1.19.30

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Our website is one of the best sources of information about Minecraft PE. We always try to share the details about the latest game versions with our guests and subscribers as soon as we find out about them. If you will read this article to the end, you will learn about the features brought by an important full-game version called Minecraft PE 1.19.30.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The update brings more than thirty changes and fifty fixes, but you are probably familiar with most of them if you are following us. They were all imported from the betas released lately. The most important ones are:
  • New sounds for the enchanting table
  • Different collision boxes of the fireball entity
  • Cancellation of amethyst sounds in case they are jumped on
  • Underscores for certain structures’ names in /locate
  • Command /kill not making chest boats drop their chests
  • Consumption of stew making the plate from the inventory slot empty
  • Fire affecting mangrove/oak fence gates
  • Different hit range of zoglins/hoglins
  • Nametags displayed together with the villagers’ trade tiers
  • Cancellation of capes in Spectator Mode
  • Cancellation of the burning animation shown when spectator players are in lava cauldrons
  • Cancellation of fog effect caused by powdered snow on spectator players
  • Cancellation of particles emitted by spectator players when sprinting and when having status effects
  • Peaceful endermen towards spectator players and those playing in Creative
  • Cancellation of the possibility to be pushed by an explosion if being a spectator player
  • Mobs ignoring food held by spectator players
  • Puffer fish being indifferent towards spectator players
  • Game not crashing when using beds and exploring the Marketplace
  • Game not lagging when baby striders ride adult ones
  • Mobile app benefitting from music included by default
  • Fireballs not being able to fly through any kinds of portals
  • Leads not breaking when allays follow players
  • Better goat animations while ramming
  • Different teleport rates of endermen
  • Banners generating properly in structures that are freshly built
  • Different classification of coral fans in the inventory
  • Smoother animation of pistons
  • Possiblity to fix shields with more kinds of planks
  • Correct animation of lava and water on iOS

If you are one of those users who also has the talent and time to create content, you will also discover a very big number of technical updates that will surely help you in your activity. For example, there is a new possibility allowing users to copy and paste their or any block’s coordinates. There were also several bugs affecting this field but they were successfully fixed.
Minecraft PE 1.19.30

The above-described update can be downloaded by pressing the button below the video trailer and this article can be shared with other players.
There are also a lot of textures, maps, and mods that can make your Minecraft Bedrock experience even more fascinating. We do our best to collect the best ones for you to try. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.19.30

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