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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Two weeks ago the Mojang team released Minecraft PE 1.19.0 which brought us a lot of cool features, but of course, that update was not the finish point for them. They continue to improve the game and this week, by installing Minecraft PE, you will see how many bugs they succeeded to fix.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the game developers managed to:
  • Make the items that allays hold in their hand shine when it’s dark
  • Modify the breaking particles of Mangrove Signs
  • Made dirt blocks generate below grass
  • Made mangrove trees and swamps generate more often
  • Corrected the process of spawning for Slimes in Mangrove Biomes
  • Modify the way Mangrove Propagules are placed on blocks. Now they will not be always centered but will have a random position, just as in the Java
  • Made Iron Bars connect to Mangrove Roots. This is also available for Glass panes
  • Improved command /locate
    Minecraft PE

  • Made the Darkness Effect functional in more dimensions
  • Made the fog made by Powdered Snow and Lava stronger than that made by Blindness or Darkness effects
  • Made Sculk Sensors even more sensible. Now they can identify players which ride absolutely any type of rideable mobs
  • Made projectiles ring bells regardless of the circumstances
  • Introduced a new sound emitted by amethyst blocks when someone throws a projectile toward them
  • Made boats placeable on the surface of oceans and rivers, not at their bottom as happened before
  • Modified the animations made by the Warden when he gets hurt
  • Improved the terrain generation in some flat worlds
  • Corrected the behavior of certain mobs when using the Nether portals
  • Corrected the health points of certain types of underwater-living creatures
  • Corrected the behavior of trader llamas when someone attacks their owners
  • Modified the effect applied by shulker projectiles
  • Modified the poison effect applied by pufferfish
  • Fixed a crash happening when attempting to use Coin Starter Bundle

This is the list of changes carried out this week. To see them with your own eyes, download and install the beta. We hope you will enjoy it.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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