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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Less than three days ago we informed our website’s subscribers about the release of the full version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition and many of them didn’t manage to explore it fully. Even if this is your case too, don’t worry, you will have enough time to do this, but now we want to capture your attention for several minutes and tell you about another new release called Minecraft PE

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

It is a natural thing that after such a big update, the players detect numerous problems. This is why the game developers released a new beta so soon this time. Here are the most important actions carried out by them:
  • Changed the name of the “Flowered Azalea Leaves” to “Flowering Azalea Leaves”
  • Modified one of the sounds made by the Goat Horn
  • Changed the “Resist” goat horn sound to “Dream”
  • Corrected the behavior of allays when they attempt to follow their owner in a nether portal
  • Made allays dance every time they hear a Jukebox
  • Made allays stop dancing if the Jukebox does not sing anymore or if they fly away from it
  • Made allays duplicate every time they are given amethyst shards during their dance, but you can duplicate them again in the same way after a cooldown period
    Minecraft PE

  • Made amethyst clusters that are attached to sculk sensors undestroyable
  • Corrected the way sculk shriekers and their particles render
  • Corrected the way sculk catalysts bloom when mobs die near them
  • Modified the conditions of obtaining the It Spreads achievement. Now destroying a mob without XP next to a sculk catalyst will not unlock the achievement.
  • Fixed Warden’s behavior when he emerges from the ground
  • Stopped frogs from laying eggs in flowing water
  • Corrected the way mobs use the nether portal and stopped them from vanishing when doing so
  • Adjusted the level of the Resistance effect
  • Corrected the speed increase level when mining offered by the Haste 1 effect
  • Made the Conduit Power I grant the effect of Haste I, not Haste II as it did before
  • Made the boat chests and other containers more easily accessible, especially for the mobile users
  • Changed the name of the “lapis Lazuli Block” to “Block of Lapis Lazuli”
  • Made cut copper slabs easier to place on certain blocks
  • Made vindicator captains and pillagers that are spawned using commands hostile
  • Improved the Interact Button on mobile controls
  • Improved the possibilities given to the users who have Operator permissions
  • Corrected the behavior of carved pumpkins when launched from dispensers aiming to equip the mobs in the area
  • Made parrots get poisoned when eating cookies
  • Canceled the possibility of jumping continuously when pressing the jump button while in a boat
  • Fixed a crash happening when a mob has the flocking component
  • Developed several technical updates to improve the activity of the content creators.

If you want to try this version and enjoy a better gameplay, click on the download button below the video trailer.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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