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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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We do our best to make our website interesting and to publish all the latest news about Minecraft Bedrock promptly. Today we are glad that we can inform our subscribers about Minecraft PE’s release which is a Wild Update Beta.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

After installing the beta, you will discover that:
  • If disconnecting while seeing the progress screen on your device, a popup telling you that the controller has lost the connection will appear
  • Sculk catalysts generate at a different rate
  • Sculk shriekers generate at a different rate
  • The patches of sculk generating within the ancient cities have different sizes and are appear more frequently
  • Deep dark biomes are also decorated with patches of sculk
  • The game does not crash while exploring the wishlist
  • The icons of star ratings are filled as they should be
  • You can use any templates to make new worlds and this will not cause any bugs
  • You can drop items around the item grids if you are using Pocket UI.

Minecraft PE

The MCPE developers also fixed a couple of technical issues, but we will leave them to the content creators.
And now it is time to try the new game update and to share the news about its release with all your friends who also play Minecraft Bedrock.
Continue following us and you will find out about the latest game versions among the first and will be able to try many free maps, mods, and other surprises. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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