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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The Mojang Team continues to improve the features of our Minecraft Bedrock worlds by fixing bugs and by improving separate details. By installing Minecraft PE, you will discover several fixes done in relation to the game-s performance, graphics, and user interface, but most importantly, since it’s a Wild Update version, you will notice benefic changes done in relation to sculk blocks, mangrove swamps and the allays.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Before enlisting the fixes and changes, we have to tell you a very important thing. Very soon Minecraft betas won’t be available on Windows and the MCPE developers recommend installing Minecraft Preview. This is necessary if you want to be able to test the improved existing or the new features developed with so much care and attention by the Mojang team.
And now, let’s see what’s new.
  • Items of the same kind can be combined to form a stack by shift-clicking on them
  • The duration of the notifications can be adjusted now
  • The gaming world does not crash when blocks that depend on the biome’s data are being rendered
  • Minecraft PE’s performance and stability on all Android devices are better
  • The teleporting process of the actors which use movement prediction is smoother
  • Emotes can be used as many times as you want without them presenting glitches
  • The growth of mangrove trees on all levels was improved
  • Sculk stops spreading if there is normal or soul fire on its way
  • Mining reinforced deepslates takes more time now
  • Mining sculk sensors and shriekers with silk touch-enchanted tools do not make them drop experience anymore
  • The sculk shriekers that are not generated, just as those that are generated use cooldown periods between activating again and again
  • Allays cannot travel to the Nether together with their owners (this will change soon)
    Minecraft PE

These are the changes brought by this week’s beta. To see them with your own eyes, hit on the download button below the video trailer and install it.
Stay informed about all the Bedrock news by following our website. This way you will be able to check new maps, texture packs, mods, and of course, the freshest game versions. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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