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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Visiting our website is always a good idea because we are trying to be up to date with all the news coming from the Mojang Studios and to share this information with our subscribers. Today we will tell you about a new beta that brings very serious updates done in relation to the Wild Update features and not only. This is Minecraft Bedrock

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

Get ready to see how the following features have been improved:
  • Spectator Mode. This option that can be enjoyed by enabling the experimental features toggle becomes more functional. Here are some characteristics that you should know about. These are that the spectators cannot interact with any containers, for example chests, to access their inventories, to attacks, to build structures, and to use items. Neither can they drop items. In case the spectators are riding, flying, sleeping or using an item in any way, these activities will be stopped as soon as entering the mode. The game developers also fixed a crash occurring when pressing double jump while in this mode.
  • The Ancient City. These structures will get flooded less often than before, the darkness effect inside them was corrected, and the work of the trap mechanisms was corrected. The warden will not be prevented from spawning here when a sculk shrieker that is active is destroyed.
  • Sculk Sensors. The Bedrock developers had to work a lot on improving this feature. When entities are placed on them, the sensors activate again.
  • Sensors detect vibrations better, including those produced when placing certain blocks on top of other blocks and when tilling different kinds of dirt with hoes. Some actions will not make vibrations anymore, namely hitting wool, looking at tamed mobs, crouching while using a shield. Another important change is that the sculk sensor can serve as support for other blocks (their lower side)
  • Wardens. From now on, wardens will make darkness occur every six seconds, and will not get angry at XP orbs and tridens and other similar actors. They will also investigate the nearest mob position right after sniffing and will not make anger sounds while getting angry while attacking someone. Their heartbeats will reflect their level of anger in a better way.
  • Mangrove Biomes. The grow speed of propagules was modified and they can be pollinated by bees now. The roots generating in this place can burn now. Stripped logs can be transformed into planks now. The map colors of some mangrove features were changed.
  • Mud. Gravity blocks break as they should in case they are falling on mud. When dirt is transformed into mud, you will hear a new sound now. Another new sound will be played when stacking mud brick blocks into a full block. The position of mud blocks in the player’s inventory was changed.
  • Frogs. From now on, frogs drop experience like any farm animal. The tadpoles make louder sounds when getting hurt.
    Minecraft PE

  • Allays. When an allay is leashed and wants to reach an item that is far away, it will not stop from moving.

Besides all these changes, the MCPE developers also:
  • Corrected the way certain Nether mobs spawn depending on the light level
  • Canceled the possibility to place torches on top of bells
  • Developed several new achievements that are related to the Wild Update
  • Stopped leads from rendering on glass
  • Made boats with chests/minecarts drop the correct number of items
  • Canceled the possibility to use mangrove roots as fuel
  • Corrected the behavior of mobs when passing through open trapdoors
  • Fixed several crashes that could happen when playing in split screen, when blending MCPE maps with air filled chunks, etc.

This beta is very interesting and we are sure that you will enjoy trying it. Please tell your friends about its release too, and, after trying it, you have any suggestions or requests, leave feedback.
Keep following us because very soon we will publish another article about the second new version released this week. You can also download and try as many maps, mods, and textures, as you want. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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