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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The fact that the MCPE developers started releasing betas of the Minecraft 1.18 update is so cool because the developed changes make our gaming worlds much more interesting than before. Today we have another fresh update to explore and this is Minecraft PE

Bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Even if this version brings fewer changes and fixes than the betas released in the previous weeks, we are sure you will enjoy it as much. First of all, we will enlist the fixes:
  • The problem of the “place” button that didn’t seem to work when the player attempted to use it to place lava, water, and powdered snow was resolved
  • The problem of light blocks being usable when placing other blocks that do not require any support was resolved
  • The problem causing excessive RAM usage and this making the game crash was resolved
  • The problem of small dripleaves changing the water source shade was resolved
  • The problem of tall flowers dropping an incorrect number of items when watering their top halves was resolved
  • The problem of terrain becoming transparent sometimes was resolved
  • The problem of NPCs making villager sounds was resolved
  • The problem of chorus fruit failing to work when consumed under Y level -26 was resolved
  • The problem of entities moving incorrectly when seen from far away was resolved
  • The problem of many Education Edition items having a “” tooltip was resolved
  • The problem of phantoms failing to pathfind correctly in mountains was resolved
  • The problem of gravel not replacing deepslate as it should was resolved
  • The problem of deepslate and copper ores not generating as intended was resolved
  • The problem making items in texts render incorrectly was resolved

By installing this beta, you will also discover the following changes:
  • Log blocks are used as support pillars in mineshafts
  • There are no more dirt floors in mineshafts
  • Mineshaft pillars do never generate in lava
  • You can place any sort of vegetation on mycelium now
  • Axolotls have greater chances to spawn in lush caves
  • Fish always avoid axolotls now
  • Magma cubes do never attack snow golems, while they are more aggressive than before towards slimes and iron golems
  • The ore generation was improved
  • The generation of gold ores in badlands was corrected
  • There are no more lava sources in frozen oceans

Minecraft PE

Dear friends, the game developers are continuing to work on all the new features trying to make them even better. Of course, these are good news, but you should not forget to make copies of your worlds periodically to avoid losing your precious builds.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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