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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Several hours ago we published an article about Minecraft PE but unfortunately, there wasn’t much to tell about it because it contained only two bugfixes. We assure you that Minecraft PE, which is the newest game beta won’t disappoint you in the same way. Its list of features is noticeably longer.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

While developing this beta, the Mojang Team carried out the following actions in regards to the:

Experimental Features:

  • Made villagers look different from each other depending on the biome they generate in
  • Made vines generate inside lush caves, not on the surface as before, and made them generate down below the zero level.
  • Fixed a bug making blocks below a certain level of an incorrect color
  • Refactored the small dripstone features’ placement logic
  • Made all the dripstone features generate only at deepslate depths and these depths have been extended lower under the ground level
  • Made trees that generate in swamps generate deeper in the water than they did before
  • Improved the spawning rate of the mountain and cave-living mobs
  • Improved the placement of certain biomes
  • Improved the river sizes
  • Improved the terrain shapes in certain places
  • Improved the ore distribution
  • Modified the position of the clouds
  • Made infested stones generate under the new mountains
  • Modified the placement of certain mountain features
    Minecraft PE

  • Made dripstone features (including dripstone clusters) generate only within Dripstone biomes
  • Improved the vegetation growing in the Mountain Meadows
  • Developed a new mountain biome called Mountain Peaks.

Non-experimental Features:

  • Resolved the problem of direction keys not working on certain parts of the user interface
  • Resolved the problem of a message appearing on the achievements screen every time the player suspends his/her game while having the screen animations turned off
  • Resolved the issue of the “Show Border Effect” being accidentally added to the settings
  • Developed a new achievements screen for the Windows 10 PCs that are ARM-based
  • Fixed the issue of the start screen sign in text overlapping the Marketplace button
  • Added a new “More Info” button for the failed sign-in modal
  • Fixed a few minor bugs affecting the text-to-speech option
  • Fixed the issue of trapdoors rotating incorrectly when loaded from structure blocks
  • Fixed the issue of powdered snow becoming invisible when looking at it from a certain distance
  • Increased the number of mobs spawning in the Overworld
  • Fixed a few graphical issues affecting mobs when pathfinding around partial blocks
  • Fixed the issue of certain mobs who wear armor not showing or rendering it correctly
  • Fixed the bug making vindicators hold their axes incorrectly
  • Modified the visibility underground in order to avoid seeing the sky when in deep tunnels or other such places
  • Removed the amethyst geodes that used to generate in Strongholds and even if they do (in rare cases), they will not destroy End Portals anymore
  • Fixed the problem of players being set on fire in case they use a nether portal that has lava underneath it
  • Removed the possibility of eating when the hunger level is full in Survival
  • Decided that seagrass should not spawn under lily pads anymore
  • Decided that villagers should not open and close doors as they did before
  • Decided that cartographers should give new maps more consistently
  • Removed the Education Edition items option when using @e[type=]
  • Players seeing a placeholder text when their friends switch their skins
  • Improved default Steve’s skin color tint
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using the Character Creator sometimes
  • Fixed the issue of candles not consuming correctly the number of cake slices when pressing the “use” button
  • Made beehives generate only facing south
  • Corrected the collision box of falling stalactites

These are the main changes you will discover by installing this beta, but if you are interested, there are also many technical changes so, if you want to find out more details, we invite you to watch the video trailer below this article.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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