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Map Sleek N Modern Redstone Mansion 1.13
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Map Sleek N Modern Redstone Mansion 1.13

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Only a few days ago we introduced you to Map Safe House where everything inside and outside was more than secure. But all people have their own priority lists when it comes to houses, so today we will talk about Map Sleek N Modern Redstone Mansion where you will find an incredible number of rooms and objects running on redstone. Why don’t you compare download and compare these two maps and decide which one fits you better?

Features of map Sleek N Modern Redstone Mansion

Just by looking at the pictures provided by this article, you can easily notice that this house is magnificent and there is no chance its owner gets bored ever. By deciding to explore it, you will have the chance to:
  • Rest next to a large pool with clear water

  • Relax by visiting a theater with Dolby 5.0 speakers located under the open sky
  • Admire a fantastic looking fountain

  • Feel rich by visiting an underground vault packed with gold, diamonds and other valuable stones and materials.
  • Play cricket on an enormous stadium

  • Take pleasure in watching the fireworks
  • Decorate a hill house

And these are not all the possible activities you can enjoy by visiting the Sleek N Modern Redstone Mansion. To find out more about it, all you have to do is click on the download button below.
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