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Map Longfield Modern Mansion 1.13
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Map Longfield Modern Mansion 1.13

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Map Longfield Modern Mansion represents an absolutely perfect place to hide from your daily problems and to relax as you deserve to.

Features of map Longfield Modern Mansion

The house you are going to visit and live in by downloading this map is fantastic and has everything a person could only wish for: starting with the pool and ending with the old-styled library.
By visiting it, you will have the chance to explore:
  • The lobby with its automatic sliding doors

  • The old-styled library with bookshelves and comfortable armchairs to relax while reading

  • The garage that can host up to three cars. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend you explore our mods section to find your perfect vehicle, for example, a Pagani Zonda.

  • The modern staircase that represents the connection between the mansion’s floors.

  • The huge kitchen that, like the house itself, can be accessed through automatic sliding doors.

  • The cinema where you can relax and watch a movie with your friends.

  • The living room with its striking panoramic view seen from the windows and its modern and comfortable furniture.

  • The bedroom and its king-sized bed

  • The secret bunker that you can hide in if you still feel threatened by the outside world.

  • The front yard that is secured by coded gates.

  • The landing pad where you can land your private airplane (in case you have one, of course)

  • The outdoor pool with clear water, deck chairs, and umbrellas

  • The pool bar where you can have a drink to forget about the dangerous world outside your property

  • The yacht. This certainly is not a part of the mansion, but it still is a very nice bonus.

If you don’t have an even better place to live in, welcome to the Longfield Modern Mansion! Download the map by using the button below, share the article with your friends and leave feedback.
Note: This map is suitable for the latest Minecraft PE versions starting with MCPE 1.9.

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