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Map Slendytubbies Classic 1.13
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Map Slendytubbies Classic 1.13

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Slendytubbies is a popular horror video game based on the plots of Slender and Teletubbies. Now this creepy combination is available for MCPE in Map Slendytubbies Classic.

How does map Slendytubbies Classic work

The plot of this adventure takes place in Teletubbieland, as in the original video game. Your main enemy in this game is Tinky Winky.

Map Slendytubbies Classic can be played in three ways: in single-player mode, in cooperative mode, and in versus mode.
If you choose to play alone, your player will be the White Tubby and your game goal is to pick up ten tubbie custards before your enemy catches you.
In cooperative mode, the goal remains the same, but you won’t have to collect the tubbie custards alone, but together with your friends. Tinky Winky is after all of you.
In versus, one of your team will be randomly chosen to play the role of the Slendy Tubbie. His/her objective will be to prevent the rest of the players from collecting the tubbie custards.

Regardless of the mode you choose to play the game, you can go through the adventure either in the daytime or at night.

If you are ready to try Map Slendytubbies Classic, download it by clicking on the button below, invite your MCPE friends and leave feedback.
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