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Map CC: Secret Base 1.13
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Map CC: Secret Base 1.13

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A ready-built secret base with everything necessary waits for you at the side of a big mountain. Welcome to Map CC: Secret Base! Here you will not only be safe but will also benefit from everything a person needs in order to leave a peaceful life.

Features of map CC: Secret Base

Every MCPE player needs his/her own secret base. Some prefer sophisticated and modern places; others require only modesty and safety. Map CC: Secret Base can satisfy the needs of both categories. The base is located in a mountain so that others have no access to it and will never figure out that the big rocky mountain might hide a secret. So, be sure that the lack of safety will never be an issue with this map.
The base does not have a lot of modern machines and other things to make your life luxurious and entertaining, but you will have everything a simple person needs for a decent living, that is a bedroom and a kitchen.

If you need a secret base and the one described above suits you, download it by clicking the button below this article, tell your friends about it and leave feedback.
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